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We Offer Quality Consultancy Services for Your Energy Related Concerns

Get Help with energy Bills, New Energy Connection Guidelines, Energy Connection Cancellation and more services. We will offer you quick help in solving your energy related matters

About E Promo Hub

Get Quality Assistance & Help on Your Energy Bills, New Connections, Transfer of Energy Connections and Bill Correction Here

We are a registered consultancy firm dealing in energy assistance and help on energy related issues to consumers. Your issue will be resolved at priority and commitment. We carry a great repute in solving energy related problems of your domestic and commercial connections.

Our Registered Consultancy Firm offers Following Consultancy Services

Get Assistance / Help on the Following Services

Energy Ease offers a range of services designed to streamline the energy bill payment process and make it more convenient for our customers:

Energy Bill Assistance

Get help with your energy bill payments through our dedicated consultant with just a one call.

Assistance on New Energy Connections

Getting your new energy connection is hassle-free and we will help you get your new energy connection with ease.

Change of Ownership of Energy Connection

Changing the ownership of your energy connection is convenient with E-Promo Hub. We will Assist you in the whole process.

Energy Bill Correction Help

Let us know if you are over-billed or there is an error in your energy bill, we will assist you to resolve your problem

Cancellation of Energy Connection

Our consultants will help you in cancellation of your energy Connections to make your experience hassle-free

Want Discounts on Energy Bills

E-promo Hub is your ultimate destination of getting discounts on your energy bills.

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Ready to simplify your energy bill payments? Sign up for E-Promo Hub today and take the first step towards hassle-free energy management. With our user-friendly platform and convenient services, managing your energy bills has never been easier.

Clients Love


E-promo hub has been a lifesaver when it comes to managing my energy bills. Their easy-to-use platform makes it convenient to pay my bills online, and their prompt customer service team is always there to assist whenever I have questions or concerns. Highly recommend!

Poly Dem Customer

I was struggling with high energy bills and didn't know where to turn for help. Thankfully, I found E-promo hub, and they were able to provide me with valuable assistance in understanding my bills and identifying potential corrections. Their knowledgeable staff guided me through the process, and I'm now saving money each month. Thank you, E-promo hub!

Robin Ton Customer

As a small business owner, managing energy costs is crucial to my bottom line. E-promo hub has been instrumental in helping me streamline my energy bill payments and identify areas for potential savings. Their expertise in energy bill corrections has been invaluable, and I appreciate their dedication to helping businesses like mine succeed.

Magar Faw Customer

I've been using E-promo hub for my energy bill payments for years, and I couldn't be happier with their service. Their platform is user-friendly, and I love the convenience of being able to manage my bills online from anywhere. Plus, their team is always available to assist with any billing issues or questions. Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable energy bill payment solutions.

Magar Shaw Customer

E-promo hub goes above and beyond when it comes to assisting customers with their energy bills. Not only do they provide seamless bill payment options, but their expertise in energy bill corrections has been a game-changer for me. Thanks to their assistance, I've been able to identify and resolve billing errors that were costing me money. Thank you, E-promo hub, for your excellent service!

Poly Ton Customer