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Refund Policy

What is our Return/Refund Policy ?

A Return and Refund Policy is the agreement where we send our customers about your policies regarding returns and refunds before the time of purchase.
It includes the following pieces of information How many days you have to return a product. After receiving the product. We recommend you to call our customer support department (Number mentioned on The Parcel) for any Questions regarding the product and its use. Please Note. Technical support will be free of cost. We provide our Customers 30 days’ satisfaction period to test our product and another 30 days to return our product back. Customers can apply for product refund if

  • They don’t like our services
  • If they think that they impulsively bought our services
  • If the services are not useful to them
  • If they believe that service is not what they ordered

We provide them 30 days grace period to test our service and then another 30 days period to cancel and ask for money by emailing us at
What is the refund Policy for Service. Please note if our customer has not provided us written authorization for being charged for the same amount mentioned, in written by our customer support team then they are eligible to get a full refund within 6 months’ even if the services are delivered to them. Typically, when our customers purchase a services they will be notified before the charge is made, either by Text message and or by email. We will not charge our customer before the services are delivered and they are happy with our services. Once our customers authorize us for charging the amount only then our company will charge the customer. After the customer is charged for the services we offer 30 days 100% refund policy in following scenario.
If the services delivered were not good and didn’t work. If the problem was not fixed. If the customer didn’t like the services. If the services were delayed.
Please note the refund will not be issued Only when the services were delivered and customers has approved us by writing us back VIA Text message or email that they are satisfied by the work done. In that case we don’t have a policy where we refund our customers but as a reputable company if customer has same issue for next 60 days our company will fix it free of cost. (Please note that we will not pay for any product needed to be purchased to fix the issue. Neither the product will be provided by technicians nor will be sold by our company. The customer has to buy the product and provide to the technicians who will help our customers to resolve the issue.